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Unbeatable Tips to Decide on the Best Anavar Dosage for a picture Perfect Body


Anavar is indeed a potent steroid to create an enviable physique. However, deciding on the right dosage of this steroid is far from being easy. This is because the results of using this supplement highly vary from one person to the other. It does not matter whether the users choose identical cycles and dosage. This means this steroidal supplement requires a great deal of personalization.

On Finding The Dosage For Male Users

Men using Anavar regularly swear on its efficacy during the cutting phases. However, it can help you build the very little amount of muscle mass. It is not a bulking steroid. It is relatively costly, as well. So if you want to bulk up or gain muscles, then you might not want to consider this supplement. Most of the real users recommend a split dosage of Anavar to see results relatively fast. While on a cutting phase, you can think of taking about 50 mg of the steroids on daily basis. If you can manage the cost of the steroid, then you can experience effective results visibly. Remember that it is a very mild steroid. So it is a great option for the beginning level health enthusiasts. In fact, you will find a number of male users kick-starting the cycle with a dosage as small as 30 mg per day. On the basis of their individual fitness goals, it can give great results, as well.

For Women

Anavar or Oxandrolone is a favorite among female users owing to its mild nature. It does not work as a bulking agent in men. But interestingly enough, the same supplement helps women to maintain their sculpted body during the off-season times. In fact, Anavar is so mild that even women having the sensitivity to hormonal steroids find it somewhat tolerable. However, if you want to take it as an off-the-season bulking maintaining, then it is essential that you integrate its use with a proper diet plan. When it comes to optimum dosage, it is ideal that you keep the dosage in an around 10 mg on daily basis to meet your health needs. Of course, you can think of increasing or adjusting the dosage as per your tolerance level. But higher dosage increases the chance of developing symptoms of virilization. Ideally, you can follow an Anavar-only cycle of 6 weeks, then take a break of 3-4 weeks before starting another cycle.

Benefits And Results

Both men and women users can reap the benefits by following a split dosage of AnavarThere are some common benefits, practical to users with any fitness level. As for example, it assists in maintaining the development of muscle tissues. It also helps increase overall physical strength. It is quite helpful to look after damaged tissues. It promotes tissue regeneration, as well. As a result, you find it easier to build the great physique. Last, but not the least, it boosts overall metabolism. This helps you to stay fit and slim around the year. However, consumption of more than the recommended dosage does not guarantee better results.