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Tips For Hiring A Professional Tree Service


Do you need to hire a professional tree service to remove your dying or dead tree? If yes, you’ve got to do some work. With sea of options, it can be hard to choose the right tree removal company. To help you come up with an educated decision, here’s a guide to hiring a professional tree service.

Check license and credentials.

First off, check if the company has license and credentials to conduct business in your area. A company can do lots of damage to its staff if they are not property trained. Hence, it completely makes sense to look into the company’s credentials. Visit if you need a licensed and trusted tree removal service in Eastern Suburbs and nearby areas.

Verify the company’s insurance.

It’s a big mistake to hire a company that has no adequate insurance. Sure thing, you will make sure that the company has liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. The purpose of the liability insurance is to guarantee that if the tree removal company causes damage to your property, they are held liable for the expenses.

Worker’s compensation insurance provides protection to both of you and the company’s employees by covering any potential injury that an employee sustains while at work. Aside from that, it also protects homeowners from a lawsuit in case anything untoward happens while the company is doing their job.

Seek referrals.

This is just some sort of common sense. Don’t hesitate to check with the company for referrals from previous customers who have availed their services. You deserve to know what to expect and how other people felt about their services.

Request estimate.

It’s always advisable to get an estimate on the service and get the details in writing. A tree removal company should be willing to give you estimate of the job. Otherwise, it means that they are out to make a quick money and they will try to cut corners just to get your buck.

Ask about the equipment they use.

Be sure that the company has all the needed equipment to complete the job. Keep in mind that proper tree removal does not only need chain saws. Other tools needed include ropes, wood chippers, and others. Be sure to communicate with the company regarding this.

Compare the services.

While it is true that stump grinding may be add-ons, some tree removal companies don’t provide this service at all especially if they don’t have the right equipment. Also, if they don’t have a crane, the company may not be able to work on a certain height.

Look into employee training.

Check with the company about the employees’ backgrounds. Hire a company that employs workers with many years of experience in tree removal. You may also ask if there is an arborist on their staff.

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