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Most preferred weight loss medication


Phentermine pills are often prescribed in your daily diet and are considered as one of the most effective medicine for fat burn in the recent time. That does not mean you will take the medicine and keep on consuming daily fats in your body. It requires modification in your diet and activity level for long-term results and to prevent the lost weight from returning. Apart from weight loss, it can drastically reduce the chances of diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, stroke and heart problems. Doctor’s prescription says that this pill is not made for those people who are preparing themselves to lose a few pounds for cosmetic purpose. It is designed specifically for people who are thirty percent over the natural healthy body weight at the particular age. The medication produces a feeling of fullness and as a result, you need to eat less food. The pills show a record weight loss of two to eight kilograms under the treatment.

How to take the diet pills

Being an appetite suppressant most of the people abuse it by self-medicating. Well, here are some basic guidelines on how to take the medicine. At first, the medicine should be taken in the morning to utilize its functionality. It is generally taken on an empty stomach before the breakfast. Whether it is a tablet or a capsule, it must be taken with a full glass of water to completely dissolve the medicine in the body. People who are new to this medication are often prescribed to take half of the tablet. But for regular users, it is best if they take it as a whole without breaking or chewing. The medicine should not be at all doubled for increased results. Side effects of this supplement may occur doing so. The pills must be taken at least six to fourteen hours before you go to bed. Keep the medicine away from children below sixteen years. During this treatment, include green leafy veggies, whole grains and cereals in your diet. Avoid foods which are rich in sugar and fat.

Ways to avoid side effects

In order to get the best result of weight loss, one has to follow some laid down rules that will help to reduce the chances of developing any side effects. The first and foremost action requires the need of a doctor who will prescribe. After this ask your trainer to fix an effective fat shedding exercise for you. Side effects of this supplement may occur if shared with other people without any prescription. Make fix timing for you Phen pills to let the medicine work properly in your body. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water during the medication because the low amount can make your mouth dry. Along with water eat more fruits and vegetables like cucumber, celery, watermelon and grapefruit. Adding on this will help to stimulate the saliva glands and add the moisture in your mouth while keeping the hunger at bay.