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 Major Experiments For Kids


Every kid knows that the best kind of party to attend are science parties because of the many weird and funny experiments that the adults will perform. It certainly doesn’t matter how many experiments there are planned but definitely at least plan for no less than 3 experiments otherwise these parties wouldn’t be so fun.

The Home Based Lava

Fake lava creations are fun to observe and fun to make! That’s why this makes it the top of the list for top experiments to perform at science parties. What you will want to do is to only let the children observe in this experiment. You will need to find out how to properly get it done early on and prepare all of the materials that are necessary to run the experiment.

Since this experiment can result in a mess, it is often wise to plan ahead and to try and contain the leak as much as possible. Perhaps lay the ‘volcano’ on a tray to prevent the lava from leaking and splashing all over the floor. This means that you will want to try and hold off from creating a huge mess as much as possible, because a science party is supposed to be fun and aren’t supposed to have any disasters happening.

The Rocket Powered By Water

Water bottle rockets come in second place as the most popular experiments to be done during science parties as it involves a lot of science to get the bottle to shoot high up in the sky. Naturally you should also let the kids sit at the sidelines and observe while you prepare the experiment.

You will need to do all of the necessary research so that you are able to determine how to run the experiment successfully. Remember that since you are turning the bottle into what essentially is a high powered projectile, you will want to make sure it doesn’t fly and hit someone.

A Sweet Eruption!

Finally now is the time to let the kids join In on the fun with childrens science parties! All you will need is a glass or bottle of coca cola and a small roll of mentos. Let them experience how fun it can be to mix the drink and candy together to form a huge explosion of coca cola! When all is sad and done, these experiments might potentially ruin the house for you but for being at a science party, the kids are also expecting to see some strange occurrences through science