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Kigtropin HGH – why it is in such demand


Bodybuilders and serious athletes are always looking for ways to get stronger and build more muscle. On occasions when they get frustrated due to plateaued growth, there are ways to counter this. Instead of using anabolic steroids, the next best alternative available is Kigtropin – a brand of human growth hormone.

Explaining Kigtropin

Kigtropin is a brand of synthetically produced human growth hormone and it is very often used to replace what the body makes naturally. Researchers have been able to develop a high quality version of HGH, which is safe for human use. Kigtropin can also be easily sourced for purchase and use over the Internet.

Synthetic HGH has genuine 191 amino acid Somatropin and is in great demand as it offers those who are in competitive sports a way to bulk up easily, without too many side effects. Many users get the results they want and talked about their experiences with friends. This has resulted in surging interest among a cross-section of people.

How to use Kigtropin

As a very effective strength enhancer and body building supplement, Kigtropin is used in cycles by athletes. The use cycle is 3 months on and 1 month off. It is injected on a daily basis in doses of 4 to 5 IUs per injection.

Kigtropin boosts muscle density and mass.  Users find that their energy levels are high and they can push their bodies harder. What sets Kigtropin apart from the other bodybuilding products is that it doesn’t lead to increased aggression which is common with steroid use.

Kigtropin also reduces the time required to recover from muscle and tendon injuries. In fact, many doctors do tell their patients about how HGH has therapeutic benefits and how it has helped people to recover faster.

This supplement is often prescribed for effective muscle growth and a weight reducer as it prevents carbs from turning into fat. Studies have conclusively demonstrated how HGH helps in increasing muscle mass even in people whose growth has plateaued. It is also highly effective in boosting the rate of cartilage repair in the body.

Downside of Kigtropin use

Kigtropin use is recommended with the help of a prescription. In many cases, people try to buy and use this hormone over the counter. It is illegal and users can be prosecuted. Many users don’t realize that they could suffer from serious health consequences if they inject, without a doctor’s guidance.  Not only that, what they use may not be from a good source.

Dosage Instructions

HGH should be used in cycles and for not more than 3 months at a stretch. Ideally, users should use it for 8 weeks and then rest for 4 weeks. Many users like the results they get from Kigtropin use and keep doing so for 2 years or more, without a break.

The right way to inject has to be learned from a nurse or doctor to avoid puncturing veins or arteries. Many users get contaminated HGH supplies which can be lethal to the user. Users continue to do so because the side effects are far fewer than those compared to the use of steroids for bulking up.