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Keeping Your Costs Down While Raising Children


Raising children isn’t the easiest task you will undertake, nor will it be the cheapest. In fact, the national average cost of raising a youngster is around $900 a month. However, there are ways which every parent can reduce this figure, some of which are below.

Free or Cheap to Take

Do you know what a six-month-old thinks about the outfit they are wearing? Nothing. Which is a great mindset to adopt when buying clothes for growing children. Instead of heading straight to the store, ask around to your parent friends to see if they have any clothes to donate. If your children are going to school, speak with the office for cheaper uniform alternatives which parents are happy to sell to younger children as they too face the challenge of buying more clothes.

Don’t Discount a Discount

Discounts on baby items are plentiful; you just need to know where to look. Start with the Groupon Coupons page for Children’s Place and also sign up for baby and child store email marketing lists. These are both great ways to save costs on new items.

Keep It Practical

It can be tempting to purchase expensive outfits for children which they will likely only wear at special events. Steer away from this behavior as it can quickly become expensive. When shopping for clothes, look for items which offer the most wearability for your money.

Buy in Bulk

There are a number of items around your home which you can buy in bulk to save serious money, including baby supplies. Speak with your local pharmacy or supermarket about bulk pricing for items like diapers and baby foods. Alternatively, warehouse-style stores are an excellent way to buy high-quality products cheap.

Swap Movies for Home Entertainment

Taking the family out to see a single movie can be expensive. Instead, stream a movie online with a few snacks and have an inside picnic. Additionally, take your children to the park and spend time with them outdoors or on a trip to low-cost places such as zoos or museums.

Maintaining a strict family budget is no easy task, however, with these tips and some creative thinking it doesn’t have to be an activity you dread each month.