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Keeping Carpets Clean Between Professional Cleanings


There’s a simple idea about carpets that every person owning one should keep in mind. According to Extreme Steam Carpet Cleaning, a leading provider of cleaning services, your carpets will last twice as long if you pay attention to its care the way the manufacturer recommends.

Knowing that you only need to invest in new carpets half as often over the years as you otherwise would (or buy carpets twice as expensive), is a wonderful thing. It takes a little work, though. Certainly, you will need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company at least once a year. It’s something that you need to do if you want to keep the manufacturer’s warranty. There’s more, however. Routine maintenance between professional cleanings is vital. It’s the only way that your carpet will look fresh, fluffy and inviting for years.

Pick an easy carpet to begin

Carpet tiles are easier to maintain than regular, wall-to-wall carpet — sections with spills and stains can be taken out and cleaned. It’s also good idea to go with wool over nylon or other synthetic fibers. Wool tends to not attract dust as readily.

Vacuum twice a week

Vacuuming is more than a way to keep dust and allergens out of your carpet and your home environment. It also helps carpeting last longer. Thorough vacuuming ensures that abrasive dust and sand particles don’t settle too deeply in to damage the fibers. Getting dust out also makes sure that a carpet retains as little mold-causing moisture as possible.

If you have a tendency to rush through your vacuuming, it’s important to slow down, and to use the correct pile setting. It’s deliberate vacuuming that manages to pick up dirt. You could ask a professional carpet cleaning company to treat your carpeting with a stain protector such as Teflon or Scotchgard, as well. It could make the vacuuming process much easier.

Get a steam cleaner

Home steam cleaners are no match for the power and capacity of the big, powerful machines that professional cleaners use. Nevertheless, they have a very useful function to perform — they can quickly clean up wine spills, pet accidents and other unfortunate occurrences before they cause permanent staining. It isn’t a good idea to try steam cleaning entire carpets, though. Home steam cleaners are simply not equipped to dry effectively. Such wet cleaning can cause mold formation.

Finally, every carpet needs a good beating

No matter how much you vacuum, sand and dust will always get deep into the fabric. The only way to get it out of a carpet is to hang it out on a line for a good beating. It’s unpleasant work, but it has to be done.

Carpets can be somewhat high maintenance, but they do bring a feeling of coziness to a home. With a little work, the coziness can last a very long time.