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How to fix retaining wall damage


Various designs of retaining walls have been built around homes to secure accessibility to the compound. Depending on the materials which are used to develop the wall, some damages do happen to the wall and may pose a big threat of falling. Efforts must be taken before it is too late and restoration is done. The weak sections should be identified and reinforced in the right way. More support is provided making it possible to secure the compound just like before. For the best results in protecting the compound, it is necessary to contact professionals who can fix these retaining wall damage in the right ways. The fixing is carried out after an examination of the damage has been done.

Water damage

Retaining walls that are built in areas where the flow of water is blocked experience a lot of problems. The wall becomes dump at the bottom, and this may weaken the whole structure. Efforts need to be taken so that the right assessment techniques are applied, and the stagnating water is set free. The wall is allowed to dry, and the foundation becomes strong thus supporting the entire mass. The holes made through the wall should also be piped so that absorption does not happen in the building stones.

Rot damage on wooden retaining barriers

Some walls are made using wooden materials. The kind of damage that happens to these walls is quite different. When wood is wet, it starts decaying causing the entire wall to become weak. The right method of preventing the whole wall from crumbling is by cutting off the rotten sections. New wood that is in good conditions can be added to strengthen the entire wall. Experts are in the best position to do the cutting and add new sections without affecting the position and strength of the wall.

Use corrugated iron sheets on the concrete walls

If you have established permanent wall made of concrete, water could be blocked from passage. If you notice that some water is sprinkled on the wall making it wet all day, you should choose a protective way that keeps the water off the wall. Using the iron sheets to protect the wall is a good method that provides a durable solution to your wall. Water will not touch the wall and can be diverted to flow on another route.

Frost damages

Retaining wall damage could also be as a result of a fault that was committed during the initial stage of building by the mansions employed. These kinds of problems can be very severe and can lead to collapsing of the entire structure. Experts who have been in this field can rectify the wall before the cracks become so big. The problem is repaired by fitting metal bars which support the weight.