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Expert Guide to Using Trenbolone Finaplix Steroid Cycles


Trenbolone is one of the most powerful and versatile androgenic and anabolic steroid .It is quiet popular among athletes and bodybuilders for both bulking up and cutting cycles. It is usually classified as veterinarian grade anabolic steroid and comes in three forms of Trenbolone – Acetate, Parabolan, and Trenbolone-enanthate which differs in the ester attached which controls the hormone releasing activity.

Trenbolone Finiplix as such is a veterinary cattle implant used for increasing body weight and muscle mass of the cattle and livestock. Among bodybuilders and athletes Trenbolone -Finaplix is more commonly known as Trenbolone-acetate. In other words, Finaplix is a Trenbolone pellet as it contains the powerful Trenbolone-Acetate and is the purest form of Trenbolone available.Finaplix is used for both bulking up and cutting cycles.It stacks very well with most of the anabolic – androgenic steroids keeping testosterone as the base. For a bulk up cycle a stack of Trenbolone  gels very well with Dianabol,Deca or Andarol ,whereas for a cutting cycle  it can be stacked with Anavar or Winstrol . Mostly a cycle is restricted to 4-6 weeks with an effective dosage of 75mg every alternate day which can vary.

It usually comes in pellet form stuffed in a cartridge or as implants for veterinary purpose (one finaplix implant is equal to 10 pellets and contains 200 mg Trenbolone acetate which is enough for lasting 2 days on average in the body). For human consumption these pellets of finaplix needs to be converted through certain techniques to injectable solution or topical transdermal gel which are highly effective but not always hygienic.The popularity of injectable forms saw the introduction of injectable finaplix namely Finaject for a very brief period.

Although Finaplix is illegal for human consumption and no longer available in the open market,the older versions of the drug are sometimes available and purchased by many in the black markets .The veterinary grade can also be available with online animal product suppliers. Finaplix has been replaced by a similar drug called Revalor which is also Trenbolone acetate but contains estradiol.

Benefits of using Trenbolone-Finaplix in steroid cycles:

Finaplix being the purest form of Trenbolone gives the user all the benefits of the Trenbolone. Trenbolone is potent for both bulking and cutting cycles.  It is quiet popular for bulking up prior to a competition.

Trenbolone FinaplixSide effects and precautions – Finaplix is basically designed for animals and can cause harmful side effects in humans. Some common side effects noticed are high blood pressure (due to its effect on some lipids involved in vascular constriction), high cholesterol levels and certain other negative effects on cardio vascular system.It can pose a risk for certain types of cancers as it increases growth hormone levels. It can be toxic for kidneys (dark urine can be noticed) as well as liver. It can increase acne and hair loss in certain people. Many users have complained of tren cough which although lasts for a few minutes but can make breathing difficult. Besides it can lead to aggressive behavior and insomnia.

Made for veterinary purpose, it is not safe for humans in terms of both manufacturing quality. The ingredients and method used to make the injectable form are also questionable and unhygienic.It is surely not forbeginners.

Although many options are available for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, in terms of steroids, Trenbolone remains one of the popular choices due to its many benefits. Having said that Trenbolone Finaplix is not fit for humans as such and can lead to many side effects. It is always important for a user to do proper research about the various pros and cons of taking this substance. It has been observed many a times that this product adversities outweigh its benefits which can be a huge risk to take. For every user safety must be the highest priority.