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Bring Your Business Closer To Your Clients through Branding and Social Media


Before the advent of social media and the digital age revolution, there were several ways business owners sold their products and services to the public. These traditional advertising methods can be categorized in five namely press, street advertising, radio, and billboard& television.

Ditch the Old-School Marketing

Press advertising pertains to printed media such as newspapers, slogans, magazines, brochures, trade journals and the like. The earliest record of such print advertisements were employed by ancient Chinese and Egyptians in their trading ventures. Using papyrus, the Egyptians wrote sales messages and wall posters. The Chinese, on the other hand, made calligraphic signboards and inked papers to market their products. But today, digital branding is all that matters. Thanks to a leading marketing strategy company like BrandQuest.

Street advertising is the most physical sort of traditional ad. It needs one to literally reach out to people, materials in hand, and do the talking. It is said to be the earliest form of advertising, long before print media were used.

When radios have become available, stations made huge profits by creating and playing commercials for business owners. This affordable but effective advertising method benefited numerous businesses for a very long time. In fact, even up to day, radio advertising refuses to be obsolete.

Well, billboards seemed to be revelation of print media in the 19th century. The capacity to come up with huge images for everyone to see attracted consumers to stores and shops. Suddenly, hearing the commercials on the radio is no longer enough; they had to be visual as well.

TV advertisement was the atomic bomb that nearly wiped out all other existing advertising media prior to its invention. Yes, the combo of visual and audio elements that led to the creation of videos slammed audio commercials. Up to date, TV advertising remains to be the most expensive type of advertisement.

The Digital Age

Fast forward to the digital age and the introduction of social media, these advertising methods suddenly are not anymore sufficient to produce leads for business owners. Actually, such traditional methods have been placed in the virtual space, PCs, mobiles and gadgets, where people can access them anytime, anywhere in the world. Thanks to digital marketing experts.

If people want to get the latest news and trends, they can have it from social media. If they want to hear radio commercials, they can easily check it out on their phones or PC. If they want a genuine copy of the billboard image downtown, they can save it as their mobile wallpaper. Everything, and I mean everything that its forefathers offered the world for decades, modern-day social media have it. All it takes is to settle with rebranding business from BrandQuest.

If business owners really want to ace their game, being present in the digital world is no longer a choice. It’s a must. And it’s going to be the trend for a very long time. Bring your business closer to your clients. Discover the power of branding and social media for your business.