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Brain Boosting Benefits Of Modafinil


Brain Boosting Benefits Of Modafinil

Modafinil is a regulated drug that is only available for prescription which is primarily used for narcolepsy or sleeping disorder since it promotes wakefulness and alertness but in the other aspect, it is used as a cognitive enhancer especially in the field of academics and athletics.

With proper dosage, you can achieve optimal results with Modafinil. To provide an overview of this magic drug here are some benefits that can be achieved.

First it promotes wakefulness. This smart drug allows users to shrug off fatigue and be able to stay awake for an extended period of time. Some are even able to stay awake as long as 12 to 15 hours without fatigue.

Second, it promotes improved focus especially to a person who has a task that needs to be completed with accuracy.

Third, it increases cognitive functions. For a person who is at work, it increases work productivity, for students, it improves the learning ability while studying. The increased cognition allows users to work through increasingly complex tasks.

Fourth, it enhances mood. A person who is usually exhausted from work or study will have a rapid change in mood when they take Modafinil and in return, they find enjoyment in stressful or tedious tasks. It improves confidence, positivity in life as well as an outlook on their surroundings no matter the circumstances they face.

Another benefit of using Modafinil in proper dosage is that it promotes weight loss. Modafinil has also the ability to suppress a person’s appetite, shifting a person’s attention to completing tasks and focus on more complex things rather than munching food. Most people who are regular users of Modafinil as cognitive enhancers don’t feel hunger for an extended period of time thus it promotes weight loss to them.

Surprisingly, Modafinil can cure a hangover. Since it promotes wakefulness and alertness, it stimulates your brain to work rather than getting tired and exhausted after a night out.

Modafinil is also cheaper than other stimulants available on the market. One modafinil 200mg (milligram) Modafinil capsule or tablet only costs as little as $0.80 while coffee for instance costs around $3-$4 dollars.

In comparison, Modafinil has several edges against Amphetamines, despite producing similar results. Modafinil has an edge over Amphetamines by enhanced mood and most of all it enhances cognitive abilities. Amphetamines on the other hand, only stimulate your brain to stay awake and alert.

Amphetamines’ downside is that it is capable of increasing anxiety levels, while modafinil is not, as shown by both animal and human studies.

Amphetamines are linked to substance abuse and is banned or prohibited by many countries unlike Modafinil which is not as addictive as the former.

Modafinil is more effective than caffeine. Both substances have similar results as Amphetamines but Modafinil produces euphoric results and promotes well-being to its users resulting in a more positive mood. Amphetamine and caffeine are associated to increased blood pressure levels.

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