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The Bluetooth Printer forthe Technically Minded


To understand Bluetooth printers, you have to grasp the technology. Bluetooth is wireless technology which can help you create your own personal networking area within a specific range. You may hear of your cell phone or PDA being Bluetooth-enabled. What this means is that wireless radio frequencies transmit data.

You may be familiar with Bluetooth wireless headsets that are companions to more and more cell phones these days. You keep the cell phone attached to a clip on your belt or person and the wireless headset is attached to your ear for hands-free operation. You may have seen people in public who seem to be talking to themselves? They more than likely have a Bluetooth headset on their ear.

Bluetooth wireless printers are becoming popular as this technology grows. You can buy adapters for your cell phones, PDAs, notebook computers and more, so that you can easily print documents and other things while you are on the go. A Bluetooth printer is handy for busy traveling professionals who make their briefcase and car their office. There are no cables to worry about with the Bluetooth printer.

Printers with Bluetooth technology are becoming more popular and affordable. In addition, you can purchase an adapter to turn another printer type into a Bluetooth compatible printer. The most likely candidates for this adaptation are the portable or mobile printers you can purchase for laptops and notebook computers. In addition to the adapters, you can also purchase a Bluetooth portable printer that is already enabled with the technology. The best Bluetooth printers are those that have the technology built in rather than the need for an adapter.

The Bluetooth printer is a great tool for business travelers who wish to travel as light as possible. That is why the Bluetooth printer is so popular. These days you can fit all the comforts of an office in a briefcase. A Bluetooth printer is just one of the many office tools that keep the busy professional connected with work. And these days, every technological tool that gives you an edge in business is a good one.

Deskjet Printers

Deskjet printers got their start by Hewlett Packard, one of the most popular printer brands in the world. The desk jet is the brand name of a line of inkjet printers by HP. These days there are a variety of shapes, sizes and applications for the desk jet printer. You may recognize that the large models, like large format plotter printers are sometimes called a design jet printer.

Thanks to strides in technology desk jet printers got cheaper and more popular with home computer users. As the prices went down, more and more home consumers started buying them for personal use in the home. Cheap desk jet printers started becoming the norm in the late 1990’s and in the early 2000’s. In addition, quality desk jet printers were being duplicated by other brands. However, only HP remains a true desk jet printer brand.

Deskjet printers have morphed over the years and are still widely popular. The ink cartridges at one time were considered throwaways until some people started figuring out ways to recycle them. Now there is a whole submarket for recycled and refilled cartridges. The colors and ink quality is better and the technology as become more advanced with the introduction of photo printers. With the new photo printers coming around, it is easy to find discount desk jet printers on the market.

Once upon a time, desk jet printers only really had one function – print on 8.5 by 11 inch paper. These days, you can print on legal or even ledger size paper. In addition, there are envelope trays and even duplexing features. In addition, the software and printer drivers have become more advanced with such features as determining ink levels in your cartridges and adjusting the quality of your print jobs from draft to best.

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