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The best food items for your kid’s birthday party


Your kid needs to feel the most special on his/her birthday. He/she needs to have the best birthday party ever. As a parent you must do everything you can to throw the best party possible and it is not necessary that you will need to spend a lot of money for making the arty successful. Instead the main thing that is important is to make sure that whatever you are doing you are doing with lots of love and dedication and then you can pull off the best party ever. You must be confused about the food items that you need to serve for your kid’s party as great food always makes a party successful because we have to admit one of the main reasons people come to a party is to eat some good food. The food must be pretty good and if it rocks people’s hear, then you can sure that the people have really enjoyed the birthday.

However, the tricky thing about choosing food items for your kid’s birthday party is that you need to select food items that both children and adult can eat. You need to keep healthy stiffs for small kids and also for adults who will be coming with their children. Here is a list of the foods that you can serve for your children’s birthday and select the best ones that you know will suit your guests and also the food items that your kid will love because after all it is his/her birthday and their choices must be taken into consideration while choosing food items for their birthday party.

Dora cake is one of the best items that are loved by both children and adults. It is influenced form the famous cartoon Doraemon. This fluffy pancake is loved by all and your kid will surely love it when this will be served in his/her birthday party. All the kids will love this stuffed pancake. It is mainly stuffed with the paste of red bean and if you want you can also stuff it with chocolate paste. Keep some salads as well so that the children get to eat some goodness of nature. Make a kid-friendly salad so that the kids really eat them. Make sure that the garnishing is proper because then only the kids will eat them. Keep some nuts and fruits in your salad as well so that the pickiest eater also try them and this way some good stuffs will surely get inside their system and you can be sure that the parents will love this idea and will surely praise you for this gem of an idea.

Cupcakes are another great option to serve in your kid’s birthday party. They are hassle free and easy to make. Decorate them with sprinklers, chocolate toppings. Oreo crumbles and whatever theme you have in mind. Make sure each one is unique and in this way your guest will surely love the idea of so many varieties served to them. You can serve masala corn that is loved by children and this Indian snacks is one of the healthiest item on the menu.