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The Antler Spray Experience | Before and After


Going through social media, you would see a lot of fitness journeys, together with their before and after photos. These are one of the most inspiring things you could scroll down in Facebook nowadays. These photos are awe inspiring and make you want to work harder for your own personal fitness. Sometimes these are the images that can inspire, motivate and even help some people decide which type of program or supplement they want to use to achieve a similar result.

The before and after taking Deer Antler spray photos are same as the others. It also draws inspiration and one of the supplements mentioned in one of the weight loss series that I have saw. However, it does sound a little weird but trust me when I say, it’s one of the most fascinating thing this industry will introduce you to.

What is Deer Antler?

With the plethora of products saturating the bodybuilding supplement industry, Deer Antler Velvet stands out to be one of the most unique and interesting products there is. The velvet, harvested from elk, moose, deer, and caribou, is found as a coating on antlers of the animals when they turn into adults. Without unnecessarily harming the animals, the antlers are removed and the velvet is harvested, and then are made to the supplement forms that are available today, may it be liquid form, tablet, capsule or powder form. This may be new to the western hemisphere as a fitness supplement; this has existed in China and has been used for minor medical issues and ailments for more than a thousand years.

How to Use Deer Antler Spray

As any weight loss supplement, one should take the products as directed to achieve the desired before and after results. For most products, the standard dosage is done by spraying the liquid into the mouth and then holding the spray before swallowing for about 20 seconds. Doing so increases the absorption rate for increased benefit.

According to some nutritionists, stomach acid could diminish the effect of deer antler velvet, which is why holding the liquid in the mouth before swallowing is recommended. As there are different formulations of each product, they require a different number of sprays, though the average is five sprays twice a day.

Some brands might suggest fewer sprays or only once a day – it is important to read the product instructions as taking too much of any supplement could lead to complications or severe side effects. Too much of IGF-1, the active ingredient in the spray, could lead to damage to the tendons and connective tissues, leading to breakage if too much of the hormone is in the body.

If you have any questions, talk to your doctor or nutritionist about the right amount of the supplement to achieve your Deer Antler Spray before and after desired results. The goal is to have a fit and healthy body, one must practice diligence in doing so, that is to avoid risks that might affect the body.