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Anavar results for men


Anavar is the marketed name of Oxandrolone, which is a α- alkylated anabolic steroid widely used by reputed celebrities including bodybuilders, actors and athletes. For any type of oral or injectable steroids, it is always noted that the results will vary from one person to another depending on the individual’s physique, gender and resistance power. Similar variation in the doses of anabolic steroids is also evident when it comes to maintenance of muscle unit and effective loss of weight.

Regulation of Anavar cycle:

Anavar is one of the best structurally modified anabolic steroids for men, because of its effective contribution in bodybuilding and naturally upgrading sexual drive and fertile conditions. Although it is noticed that Anavar is a much milder form of anabolic steroid as well as exhibits low androgenic properties, which makes the drug the number one choice among male users. The level of testosterone gets naturally depleted with progression of time or age that raises concern for almost every individual across the globe, in accordance to sexual dysfunctions and gradual infertility. In these cases, people generally go for strong androgenic steroids that can boost your testosterone production and revive your libido. The end results often get deflected from the aimed outcome that deliberately gives rise to severe side effects involving hormonal imbalance and permanent sterility. This is when you should think about taking Anavar, as it does not pose very strong androgenic effects and moderately regulates the normal secreted testosterone level without any malfunctions.

Testosterone is not just associated with sexual characteristics but also improving the shape and size of muscle mass. Therefore effective stimulation of the hormone by pituitary gland can result in both androgenic and anabolic properties. Anavar has been indirectly involved in cutting down excess fat which is stored in adipocytes in the form of fatty acids. Easy metabolism of extra calories is efficient through Anavar supplements and thus can easily help you get rid of stubborn fat accumulated in the adipose tissue. Anabolic steroids are generally toxic to the liver and cause serious damage to liver cells including cirrhosis and hepatitis. Anavar is an exception in this case as it has hepato-protective properties that prevent from causing any toxicity to the hepatocytes, when the drug is ingested and transported to liver for detoxification.

How to regulate the dosage cycle?

People looking for steroids aiding in muscle build up or strength gain, always have a preconceived notion that the results always depend on how higher the dose is or for how long you are exposed to it. But this is not completely true. Although the dosage and drug exposure time counts, there are other crucial biological factors like the person’s age, gender, body tolerance or already under any medical treatment. Taking the doses into account, it is always suggested that you start a steroid program always from a low dose and then gradually increase it till the maximum safe limit provided. Since Anavar has low androgenic properties, this dosage plan is for all individuals, be it beginners and professional bodybuilders or male or female users. Women are recommended to take 5 mg per day that is split into two intervals, and elevate to 20 mg gradually. Men should start with 20 mg and later increase up to 40-60 mg a day.