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Anadrol 50 Oxymetholone for PERMANENT Gains


Being very powerful and effective oral androgen, Anadrol 50 Oxymetholone was mainly used in the treatment of anemia. This is also very effective in the disorders which are mainly related to gaining weight. But today there are many medicines for these disorders which come with less side effects so people are not going for anadrol 50 oxymetholone.

But once again this is gaining popularity because patients suffering from HIV and AIDS have started this medicine to maintain their weight. It is considered to be an androgenic and anabolic drug.

Oxymetholone is the scientific name and Anadrol 50 is the brand name. Of course it is used for many disorders in medical community but today it is gained popularity in the world of bodybuilding since it helps in rapid gains. The gains achieved by Anadrol that contains oxymetholone are very significant and really quick. The alternative to anadrol is Dianabol but comparatively Anadrol is very effective when quick gain is the aim.

Androl is considered as very powerful steroid available today because of its effects like dramatic rise in strength and rapid gain. But one must be very careful before starting the dose because Anadrol 50 Oxymetholone comes with side effects.


Even though this steroid produces results in a incredible way, one thing to keep in mind is that effects will taper off after few weeks. These types of steroids are said to produce lot of stress on liver. If one takes higher dose of Anadrol there is no guarantee that effectiveness rate increases with it. Sometimes there will be effects which are really counterproductive like overdose may reduce the appetite.

The main side effect produced by this steroid is liver toxicity. This can be reduced by cycling off every four to six weeks. The ways to reduce the risk related to liver toxicity is reducing the alcohol use and reducing the use of anything that puts strain on liver. One must also watch their blood pressure levels. If one needs to reduce all these risks then they can better go for Dianabol rather Anadrol since it comes with less side effects.

Side effects:

Of course there is risk of side effects by Anadrol because it is a strong androgen. One of the common side effects is excessive oily skin. This will later result in severe acne. Body hair growth and face hair growth is another common side effect. In men one more side effect that can be experienced is baldness.

Early weight gain may also be attributed to water retention which is likely to be pronounced by Anadrol 50. Water retention is really high when compared to other steroids. One may feel that they have gained smooth appearance to the body. This is due to water retention. This appearance may be unattractive for some people. Bicep tissue tearing and pectoral tissue tearing are ther side effects due to the stress on connective tissues caused by rapid gains. So water bloating is not suitable even for athletes. So, they go for Winstrol instead of Anadrol.