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Clen has been used by many people to lose weight and clen sopharma is no different, it is the same thermogenic compound that helps burn fat in the body. Though initially sopharma was manufactured for the breathing troubles and asthmatic patients. But its popularity has risen as a fat reducing drug.It has some of the traits of ephedrine but in a much more powerful and used by athletes especially during their cutting cycles. Clen can be shipped directly from Sopharma in Bulgaria.

How sopharma can be bought

Sopharma can be bought online and there is authenticity of the product as it is mentioned and stated where is made etc. It is one of the first choices of athletes.

This all boils down to the way a person takes his dosage after the pill is bought, how it is consumed and its benefits are derived are for the user to initiate the process.

In many countries it is illegal to buy and sell clen and online ordering is the only way, but you must be careful as fake clen pills do get into the supply chain. The buyer has to careful while ordering and has to do a background check. As they would put animal grade clen sopharma in the market and sell it. Many alternatives with similar names also have publicised their product as the next clen with even more benefits. The buyer has to be aware and alert about such claims. However, clen can be easily shipped directly from Sopharma in Bulgaria.

If the product is too cheap or the offer is very enticing with extra additions then you must be careful and wary of this seller and avoid buying from such sites. Be alert and find out details before you place an order.

How to buy sopharma

There are two ways to go about it, one is to buy it when you are in that country and find alternative means to get it transported. The other way to order it from countries like Mexico and India as it’s easier to import sopharma than getting it form Bulgaria where the sopharma is actually manufactured.

Here the quality cannot be assured when you get it shipped form these countries, after a usage only you could spot the difference in the quality.

Side effects of sopharma

The initial side effects appear when you start using clen and your body is adjusting to the drug. These symptoms will wear out within a few days.

Sleeplessness is the major complaint of people taking this pill. This is solved by taking the pill during your waking hours and keeping the body hydrated throughout the day.

The toxins of the drug will not settle down in the muscle tissue if you keep drink water. The cramps and aches in the abdomen region also can be prevented this way.

Every new cycle will give a slight jolt to the body but these hitches will disappear as you progress into the cycle.

The more extreme side effects are to the heart and can lead to a stroke. This is because of overdosage and prolonged use.