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Akoya Pearls – What Are The Characteristics of Genuine Pearls?


The Akoya pearls were one of the first pearls cultured in the 10th century. It makes pearl jewelry fairly affordable to all. It is characterized by white/cream colored pearls. However, one must understand that the oyster used for producing Akoya is the smallest and can grow to only three to five inches in diameter. The pearl is just 2 mm to 11 mm, but the rarest sizes are 10 mm to 11 mm. The p earl shape is round or near round, which is actually one of the reasons why it is sold by strand.

Distinguishing the sizes

When the demand for pearl is high the size of Akoya also improves. More so, the value of the pearl improves as the size increases. Although majority of the shape is round or nearly round, it can still be available in other shapes too. Some of the common shapes include semi-baroques and baroques. As a matter of fact, there are instances when you will see drops shapes.

The variety of color

Akoya pearls are typically available in colors like cream and white. However, modern ones come in shades like ivory, silver, cream, and even rose. When it comes to luster, it is unbeatable too. It has fair to good luster, which is quite a good thing for affordable pearls. For high quality pearls, you should check the nacre as well as the quality of the surface structure. Look for Akoya with clean surface, excellent luster, and a large size.

Akoya jewelry pieces

Akoya jewelry pieces

Akoya jewelry pieces

The pearls produced by Akoya are commonly used to create stunning pearl necklaces. In fact, the pearl jewelry pieces produced by Akoya are often used as a family heirloon, a jewelry piece being passed on from generation to generation. It is used as a jewelry piece of the bride. It can also be given to teens as a present. As with the size, the available sizes for pearl necklace include 14 inches, 16 inches, 17 inches, and 19 inches, although the most popular sizes are 17 inches and 19 inches.

The choker type is also suitable to all kinds of neckline. The pearl necklace is perfectly worn with any outfit such as a day to day casual wear and a beautiful gown for special occasions. On the other hand, if you are wearing a turtle neck or crew neckline, the best pearl necklace is the princess length. Aside from necklace, pearls can also be used to create beautiful earrings and bracelets.