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What 7 things you need to consider when taking Dianabol


Dianabol or D-bol is an anabolic steroid that is unlike any anabolic steroids in the market out there. It works just like any steroid medication but lesser the effects making this one of the popular drugs of choice for bodybuilders and the like.

There are already various alternatives to Dianabol but people still prefers this because of the potency, as endorsed by their colleagues and friends and other people that have been using it for years.

Dianabol: is one of the popular choices because of the fact that its potency is high, it has lesser side effects compared to other drugs and it’s less expensive as well. Making this the perfect drug for long term users if people are planning to do body building for a long time. Guaranteed by most bodybuilders that you will get the results that you aim for in just 12 weeks.

Positive effects: One of the common effects is muscle gain. It also provides an increase in strength giving people the push to build more muscles. Since this drug is less expensive and has lesser side effects it’s the best option for people that want to maintain their gains with lesser cycles.

Unknown effects: Steroids, in general, are popularized in gaining muscles, tissue repair and increase in strength but little did most people know that its purpose is much wider than that. It’s actually used in treating asthma, arthritis and many other diseases.

Side effects and dangerous effects: Abusing steroids, in general, can take a toll on your body. Side effects include Kidney malfunction, liver diseases, paranoia, mood swings, acne and even stunted growth for adolescent users.

Preparation and dosage: This is in a form of pills/tablet. This type of medication has a shorter half-life which could mean that the effects aren’t as long versus other drugs. recommendations for taking the tablets are ideally twice a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Its best taken after a meal, ideally protein rich. Some bodybuilders that are used to taking steroids take this medication every 4 hours but not later than at night since this interferes with sleep.

The best ones: The best Dianabol pills are the ones that are recommended by doctors and commonly by colleagues and friends because it’s already tried and tested and yields a more positive result compared to other similar drugs that are out there.

Precautions: You need to take the drug during the day and not at night as it will affect your sleeping pattern or you won’t be able to sleep at all. If you miss a dose don’t ever double dose on the next interval, still, take one tablet. Always also keep in mind that these drugs were originally manufactured to treat illness and diseases and have considerable side effects if not used right.

What you should know before taking Dianabol or any other steroids, in particular, is the knowledge about steroid medications especially about Dianabol if you plan to take one. You need to know it’s interaction with your body, versus other drugs. The contraindications, the dosage, the frequency, the normal effects and the side effects that are not mentioned in this article.