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5 Places to Find Discounted Blinds


Do not blindly go into your search for blinds. Make a checklist to determine the most important traits needed for them. This list will help you establish a game plan prior to your online or in-store purchase.

Here are a few critical blinds features to focus on: natural lighting preferences (do you want limited sunlight or an illuminated room?), blinds maintenance (the amount of cleaning needed per blind), and budget.

There are five types of blinds, vinyl, aluminum, faux wood (textured vinyl), and wood. Vinyl blinds are the least expensive, and wood blinds are the most expensive. Decide which of these blinds types fit best within your home and budget, and then begin your shopping.

Here are a few stores to visit for discounted blinds and shades. offers one of the widest selections of blinds on the web. It also helps customers through the whole shopping process with how-to videos, free samples, measuring guides, and an active customer service. Visit Groupon’s coupon section to obtain an even better discount at As of 2016, the online store offers over 20 deals exclusively on Groupon’s website. The prices range from $40 to $800 per blind/set.


Compared to, Lowe’s collection of blinds may seem limited. They also vary by store. Nonetheless, Lowe’s carries all the major blinds style options (e.g. aluminum, faux wood, vinyl, etc.). The store also offers most of their blinds in multiple size options, which alter their prices. Read the customer reviews on Lowe’s website before committing to a purchase. The prices range from approximately $3 to $200 per blind/set.

Blinds Express

Most of the sites we listed organize their blinds section by type. Blinds Express organizes its site by type and brand, a convenient feature if you are a fan of a certain brand. Blind Express often offers discounts. Therefore, join their mailing list to stay on top of the deals and discounts. The prices range from about $20 to $500 per blind/set.


Menard’s selection also varies by store. Menard’s offers blinds in two options: standard and customizable blinds. The standard blinds have a set price, style, and size. Customizable blinds allow shoppers to pick certain features, such as size and color. These prices depend on alterations. The standard Menard’s blinds range from approximately $3 to $200 per blind/set.


JCPenney’s blinds’ collection also varies by location. The store also offers online guides to help make the selection process easier. JCPenney constantly offers sales and discounts, so make sure to check Groupon for their coupons as well. The prices range from about $10 to $1,000 per blind/set.