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2017 International Jazz Festival in Ubud


One of the most favorite things to do in Bali is enjoying Jazz Festival in Ubud that organized every year. Many tourists are awaited for this event to enjoy the pleasant music of jazz from many different musicians from different country. If you are planning for vacation in Bali, then you have to try to visit this event. This event is only organized once a year and usually only in several days. This year, the jazz festival will be organized in August for only two days. Well, this event will be an alternative way to get different yet attractive vacation in Bali. There will be many musicians that participate in this event from Indonesia and also from another country. That’s the reason why you should not miss the event when you have vacation in Bali. You can explore the beauty and exotic landscape of Bali and the richness of culture and art offered in this exotic island.

This event becomes an annual music festival in Bali and this 2017 the event becomes the fifth festival that will be held. The first event in in 2013 and there are many foreign and Indonesian musicians, food festival and so on. The founder of this event will also participate in 2017 jazz festival. He is Yuri Mahatma, the founder of underground Jazz movement. With Anom Darsana, the owner of Antinda Music Production they proposed this popular jazz music festival. Every year, this Ubud Music festival is organized with different theme so that it will be very interesting every year. If you want to spend your holiday in Bali and you do not have plan yet what you going to do in 11th and 12th of August, you can book a ticket for this festival and enjoy jazz performance that will be very fascinated. You can see the festival in Agung Rai Museum of Art that located in Jalan raya Pengosekan. This museum is also become favorite art Museum in Ubud to visit.

Ubud Jazz Festival offers you the best performance form many professional musicians from Indonesia and from other countries. In the upcoming event, there will be many musicians from other countries such as USA, Germany, Austria, Australia, France and so on. The musicians that will be a highlight at the upcoming event is Gerald Clayton that won the Grammy award in 2010. He will perform in Trio with Gregory Hutchins and also Joe Sanders. The other foreign musicians that will cheer up the event are Benny Brown, Glenn Buschman Jazz Academy, Maaike Den Dunnen, Samy Thiebault, ,,B.Good Vogel”, Steve Barry, and Julian Banks. Well, from Indonesia, there are also talented musicians that will give the best performance such as Yuri Mahatma Featuring Nesia Ardi, Balawan and Batuan Ethnic Fusion, Benny and Barry Likumahu, David Manuhut, Ricad Hutapea, Tesla Manaf, Hoko Harsoe Ft. Rodrigo Parejo, Pramono Abdi, Astrid Sulaiman and Bonny Trio. So save the date and get the best vacation experience by enjoying this jazz festival at ARMA Museum in Ubud, Bali.